About Us

Baber Technical Consulting (BTC) is a customer-centered, full-service IT consulting firm located in Berkeley, CA. The firm was founded in 1990 and currently employs eleven people. BTC specializes in servicing the IT needs of small to mid-sized organizations including software development, information systems planning, systems integration, and systems implementation. BTC holds a "Sensible IT" philosophy driven by a multi-year IT strategy aligned with business priorities and focused on cost-control, security, and productivity rather than technology fads or an IT vendor's sales goals. 

BTC values diversity and strives to create opportunities for women and minorities, and over 50% of its workforce qualifies in those categories. Our computer consultants are held to the highest standards for confidentiality, fiduciary responsibility, and communication. The firm actively seeks "people people" with a technical bent, and it trains its employees to "Solve the person's problem first, the computer's problem second."

Our Team 


Veronica Labarca

Principal Consultant


Veronica joined Baber Technical Consulting in 2002 and has been a principal and partner since 2008. She develops high-level business relationships and works on our highest-impact projects. She specializes in systems implementations, project management, user-centered interaction design, and user-experience requirements. Prior to joining the firm, she was the manager of application development at UC Berkeley Extension and the interim manager of infrastructure and workstation support. Her IT background includes responsibility for business systems and IT management, systems analysis, project management and implementation, information architecture, software design and development, data migrations, usability analysis, and training.



Paul Baber

Principal Consultant

As founder and visionary of Baber Technical Consulting, Paul has expertise in all aspects of IT. Prior to creating the firm, he held industry positions in practically every IT function, from teaching computer skills and programming to serving as the IT director for a 30-person IT department. He has designed and implemented multi-site, multi-city networks for thousands of users as the chief technical lead and has also led teams of application developers developing business systems for desktop and web. He is also the author of a large computerized asset- and document-tracking system used by a major Bay Area utility company.



Wick Smith

Senior Consultant


Wick joined Baber Technical Consulting in 2011 and is a senior consultant with operational oversight of the productivity support team. He is a certified Project Management Professional. He had a long and storied IT career prior to joining the firm, culminating in IT management positions with the Contra Costa County Building Department. Recently, he has developed the county Food Bank's KPI dashboard. Wick graduated from UC Berkeley with an MSW.



Cesar Labarca

Senior Consultant


Cesar joined Baber Technical Consulting in 2008 and is a senior consultant specializing in systems and services. He has significant expertise in software development, databases, and data management systems, and also in the implementation and testing of critical communication (phone, network, cellular, GIS, and radio) systems for E911 responders. This broad background makes him uniquely qualified as both a systems integrator and troubleshooter. Cesar led the implementation of RoadNet in 2012 for the county Food Bank and created the Food Bank's integrations between Ceres and RoadNet. He is also an expert in Avaya IP office phone systems and has recently focused on the Operations Dashboard, the Ceres data warehouse,  data migrations for BB eCRM, and Office 365 migrations from on-premises Exchange servers. 




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