Information Technology Help Desk and Network Support Technician


We are looking for a part-time (could lead to full-time) Information Technology Technician to assist in our firm.


We are a small firm of 9+ people. Our clients (mostly in Berkeley and Oakland) typically operate networks of 40 to 100 computers, predominantly in a Windows and Microsoft Office environment. You will work with an experienced consultant, primarily in a supervised capacity. We work primarily with non-profits and value a diverse workplace. Our goal is to provide a highly-functioning IT department to organizations where IT is a fundamental requirement and a strategic priority but not a core area of expertise. Join us in doing IT and doing good: you'll see the impact of your work.


Your duties will include:


Workstation Support
•Install, configure, and maintain computers, desktop operating systems, and application software.
•Install, configure, and maintain support peripherals (printers, scanners, keyboards, etc.).
•Secure workstations and peripherals against theft.
•Troubleshoot network connections.
•Server and Network Support
•Install and document the configuration of routers, servers, operating systems, and network services.


Account Management
•Create and manage user accounts and email accounts.
•Grant database and network access and troubleshoot file permission issues.
•Inventory Management
•Label new equipment.
•Keep up-to-date records on all computers and peripherals and maintain the inventory database and related records.
•Conduct regular verifications of physical inventory.


•Create, update, and maintain documentation for clients and staff.
•Document all requests received, work performed, and changes made.


Help Desk and Training
•Respond to computer support requests from clients by email and telephone, and in-person.
•Triage and track trouble calls.
•Train and assist clients in the use of computers, peripherals, Windows, and office productivity software.


To succeed, you'll need a basic understanding of computer hardware, networking, Microsoft Office, and Windows. You'll also need to be detail-oriented with good verbal and written communication skills, to care about delivering great customer service, and to be able to follow written procedures. Some reaching and bending and working in small spaces (like under a desk or behind an equipment rack) is required. Mostly this work requires a good memory, a curiosity about how things work, and a compulsion to get things right.


We will consider entry level applicants. Candidates who do have experience should have previous direct experience installing, configuring, and troubleshooting computers in a networked Windows environment, including experience working with Windows file sharing and print servers. Expertise with Microsoft Office and additional experience resolving issues with Microsoft Office and other typical desktop applications will also serve you well.


As consultants, we believe you need to be both a generalist and a specialist. You will be encouraged to develop areas of specific expertise and also the skills to provide full support for a typical office IS environment. Because we provide full-service support, you may have the opportunity to contribute or develop additional skills in programming, graphic design, website support, GIS, video and audio production, and Mac or Linux support. This is a great opportunity for an energetic person with good people skills and a desire to grow and learn. It's a great place to get started, with significant opportunities for advancement. If you're the go-to computer person for your family or the place you work now, we're looking for you.


The work is 20-40 hours/week on a regular schedule, with occasional evening or weekend duties. Pay is $18-$25/hour depending on experience. If you have a school schedule, we'll work around it whenever we can.


To apply: Please send a resume describing your skills and experience and a cover letter describing your interests and availability to Jobs at babertechnical dot com. In your cover letter, complete the following sentence: Computer consultants are like doctors because...


Thanks for your interest, and good luck in your job hunt!