IT Manager / Network Administrator / Application and Website Developer


Baber Technical Consulting is a small, family-friendly firm of 10+ people. Our clients (mostly in Berkeley and Oakland) typically operate networks of 40 to 100 computers, predominantly in a Windows and Microsoft Office environment. We work primarily with non-profits and value a diverse workplace. Our goal is to provide a highly-capable IT department to organizations where IT is a fundamental requirement and a strategic priority but not a core area of expertise. Join us in doing IT and doing good: you'll see the impact of your work.

We are seeking a person with a broad background in Information Technology to join our firm in providing contracted IT support, development, and integration services.

The ideal candidate will be both a generalist and a specialist, able to contribute depth in his or her focus areas and also able to support the full gamut of IT services with assistance from our technicians and other specialists.

Our firm provides contracted IT services for clients, primarily in the East Bay, who have chosen to outsource all or part of their IT departments. Generally our clients are firms whose primary mission is not technology but who recognize that advanced, integrated, and dependable communication and information systems are key to realizing their primary mission. Through service-level agreements, we allow them to focus on results instead of on managing their own IT staff and infrastructure.

This is an ideal position if you are someone who has been the sole technical support person of a small firm or large group and you want to join a team of people who understand and appreciate what you do. Or, if you've been a successful IT consultant and want to continue your client relationships while at the same time having the support of a team to enable you to truly develop and focus your specialist skills.

We are primarily focused on small- and medium-sized business and primarily Microsoft-focused. Our services include everything from network design and cabling to website-, database-, and application-development. The trust of our clients is our most protected asset, so we're seeking candidates with great communication skills and an over-developed sense of personal responsibility, who can inspire and continually earn that trust.

This is not an entry-level position. You should have prior significant responsibility managing and delivering IT services and be comfortable supervising the work of others. You'll need to be able to both take and give direction and to constantly keep your team up-to-date. Time management, the ability to triage and prioritize, and the ability to recognize and pursue opportunities are all key. These are big shoes, but if you're the right person and have mastered more than one IT niche, you'll recognize these shoes because you're already wearing them!

Salary commensurate with skills and experience.


To apply: Please send a resume that summarizes your skills and experience and a cover letter describing a) your current technical interests, b) why this job might be a good fit for you, and c) your specific salary requirements to Jobs at babertechnical dot com.